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Steven Jackson Is Even Bigger Now

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lets get back to the mindset of run-first!!! we have enough firepower to win games with our offense, but I want us to limit the other teams ability to tilt the scoreboard and dictate our offensive approach. I think we need to go back to a little more mike mularkey influence to the offense....not completely, because I really want to go downfield with julio and roddy.....I just want to give our defense a break and make the other teams have to respect our running game! we have steven jackson...he got plenty of rest last season with the injuries and platoon play. this year we should run the tires off of him!

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He'd be better off trimming 10 lbs. That upper body weight gets tough on the knees and hammies as you get older.

Glad to see he's dedicated, just think they may have had him focus on the wrong stuff.

He naturally has the size, needs a regiment that will keep him agile/flexible/healthier for a full season.

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Well at the very least, we can all be assured this man took off-season conditioning seriously. Now let's hope this guy can get his career back on track with that same running power and catching ability on full display mode.

I really hope we can get our power running game back to some semblance of its former glory.

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