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Is A Hamburger A Sandwich?

Is a hamburger a sandwich?  

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  1. 1. Is a hamburger a sandwich?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Tom Selleck's mustache

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The fourth Earl was a genius and a fiend....He also bears a striking resemblance to George Washington, maybe it's just the funky wig ....


The Sandwich—a Word with Nefarious, Blasphemous, and Corrupt Origins

Where did the word “sandwich” come from?

The sandwich, which is most popular with world-wide eaters, functions as a noun or a verb and usually prefers to have its name pronounced as SAND wich. Besides the more obvious occupation of being something edible between two or more slices of bread, metaphorically speaking, it also likes to squeeze in between two other people, places, things, materials, etc. For example, he is willing to sandwich in an appointment between two other meetings or her car was sandwiched between two other cars in the parking lot.

The word sandwich that we use today was born in London during the very late hours one night in 1762 when an English nobleman, John Montagu (1718-1792), the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, was too busy gambling to stop for a meal even though he was hungry. The legend goes that he ordered a waiter to bring him roast-beef between two slices of bread. The Earl was able to continue his gambling while eating his snack; and from that incident, we have inherited that quick-food product that we now know as the sandwich.

He apparently had the meat put on slices of bread so he wouldn’t get his fingers greasy while he was playing cards. It’s strange that the name of this fiend should have gone down in history connected to such an innocent article of diet.

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