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What Position Battle Will You Watch The Closest?

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It's shaping up to be a Battle Royal at OL, LB, and DB. We have several good prospects with potential at all of them and my philosophy is to let the best player get the job. Just think about the comp in the LBs. Might have new faces on D-Block. The Nickle spot could be up for grabs. As might be the #2 if Alford doesn't step up. Will be very interesting to watch the development of our oL and the guys that were hurt getting healthy. We have new Line Coaches and players.

So, which will you watch the closest??

For me its the LBs. Shembo, Starr, Weatherspoon, Worrilow, Bartu, Massaquoui, Bierman, Spruill, Smallwood, Dent. But to each their own. What say you?

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LBers they got some guys that should compete and push others. Also the last couple of WRs. I'm hoping that Geraldo Boldewijn may have some stick to him. Like what I seen out of him in college. He was not afraid to go over the middle and reminded me of Finneran running those goal line fades.

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I'm looking forward to all of the battles you named. One battle that I am really looking forward to, although most may not be as excited, is who becomes the 4th wide receiver. Behind Harry, will it be Hester, Darius Johnson, Drew Davis, or an undrafted rookie?

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LB...4 picked in the draft and with Spoons injury a question for his future, Worrilow/Bartu still very young, and the possibility of Osi becoming a non-factor moving forward and draft talent coming after Biermann..... It will be fun to watch camps

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Definately FS. Mainly because Most of the LB's have starting potential throughout those positions and its pretty crowded. However FS has questions all around; which one takles better, who covers better, who's not afraid contact, who takes the right angles, who goes for the surest takle and not the biggest, who in position most or out of position least, ball hawking capabilities, keeps great depth but not too much and who has closing speed. Oh and stamina, dont want the one who's getting fatigued in the top of the second half. So many questions.

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34OLB/43DE battle is something fierce, I think from the current roster at least 2 HAVE TO GO just wondering who...

My prediction is maponga, and beirmann,

I think Bartu has Beir beat


I feel bad for MaPonga, since he is still a player in his rookie contract.

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Absolutely interested in LB and S the most but the whole defense.

I interested in really seeing the massive rotation I think we will have all around.

I forsee 1st all the way thru to 3rd string being used for both the DL and LB and thats what is intriguing.

I see 3 Safeties being used on the field as well and the nickel and dime position is also interesting.

I think Maponga and Dent are on the outs for LB. I think Bartu's versatility allows him to be placed at ILB backup spot and also OLB backup or starting.

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Winner will be who sux the least, sad:(

2. TE-

They sux sooo bad,

Falcons already said they are getting rid of the TE position on offense, sad:(

3.Backup Qb-

Winner will be decided by who holds the clipboard the best,sad:(

Pretty sure they will not even be able to receive the snap if MR goes down, sad:(


SJ already retired in 2013.


Snelling retires in 2014,

so its a mini-me showdown for the spot, sad:(

Kinda wish now, we had little Dunn back, sad:(

Also, RB Mcfadden is only making 1 million, very sad:(

5. FS- Not really a battle, because there is'nt anyone to step into the ring for more than one round, sad:(

Can The Falcons eliminate the position like they are doing to the TE on O?

I could go on..............and on ........

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