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One Thing I Can't Figure Out

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I agree with you OP. Thats definitely something that puzzles me. I haven't been impressed with him from what I have seen. But for us to trade up to select him would make anyone believe that we must really have wanted him. Maybe he projects as a really good ILB in our 3-4. Who knows, but for now I don't see much to be excited about. Also keeping in mind he was a mid-late rd pick

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There's plenty to say about this draft, and most of it has been said - WTF is a Dezmen Southward, etc...

I honestly thought we had a GREAT draft. Matthews is... Matthews, Hageman should and could have been a first round pick (he will beast). I feel like Devonta could be our Ray Rice. ****, I think Tyler Starr could end up being a Worrilow-like surprise.

But the biggest question I had of the whole draft -

Why the **** did we trade up for Marquis Spruill? I've seen highlights on everyone, I called Bartu and Worrilow to be stars when I first saw their highlights. But this guy I don't get. I saw nothing truly impressive in his game at all - his biggest trait seems to be just running fast at the QB if he has a straight and clear path to him... Is there something I'm missing here? Any 'Cuse fans that know something I don't? I just don't get why we'd waste 2 picks to trade up for him.

Spruill, a 6-foot-1, 224-pound linebacker, runs the 40-yard dash in 4.52 seconds and owns a 37 1/2-inch vertical jump. He hang cleans 385 pounds (a number Hicks says will rise the next time the Orange test for maximum weight) and bench presses 405 pounds.

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