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If We Had These Moves On Defense 5 Years Ago. Would We Have Won A Superbowl And Have A Better Record Against The Saints?

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With the same defensive coaches we had then as well? Nah, probably not. As far as more time for TD and Smith's future here, I think TD may have saved his job with this draft. It may well end up being the best since '08 when all is said and done. That should get him another few years. Smith's future is on the line this season, and I think he'll need to make the play-offs and win at least one game to stick around.

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Just another thought. These moves five ago would have bought Smith and TD more time. Is it too little too late?

Do you imagine Brian Van Gorder could coach a 3-4 defense? We already know Mularky couldn't develop a passing offense for our recievers.

So probably not.

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Even if we didnt switch to 3-4 many on this forum have been clamoring for more size at defendive tackle for years. Many have stated the need for a nose tackle a la Grady Jackson to eat up blockers. Many have pointed out the need to stop playing soft zone and get cornerbacks that could play man and press man. We have also needed a 2nd threat to rush the passer since Kerney left town. These were all needs 5 years ago that we finally have addressed except for pass rushing specialists. All those needs transcended schemej

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