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Where Does Worrilow Fit Into Our New Defense?

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With all the competition at linebacker, is his starting job safe, or could a rookie possibly take it from him?

Edit: I realize the way I worded things to begin with didn't come across as how I meant them. There's no way I think he would be cut, I'm just interested to see how the new linebackers come in and perform; maybe even someone could match his production?

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depends on how much weight he's put on. dude looked jacked in those workout picks a few months ago. dude has really good instincts and is pretty good at getting to the ball. all I can say is, if somebody beats him then we've got a **** good player and a **** good back-up

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To be honest, I think that it is more likely for Spoon to lose his starting job than Worrilow.

Spoon deserves the axe. Worrilow will be starting ILB.

I also dont buy a 3-3-5 base D. We have too many capable LB compared to capable secondary players. It will be 3-4-4 most of the time.

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