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Hard Knocks - What A Highly Touted Gm Said


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I was listening to Mike Tennanbaum on Mike & Mike this morning.

They asked him about why they chose to do Hard Knocks and he said what made them do it is a conversation they had with Ozzie Newsome.

He said that "when the cameras are on, you will get the absolute best out of the players."

That happened to be the same year the Jets went to the AFC championship.

I know a lot of people have frowned upon the idea of Hard Knocks and I too have my reservations but this is coming from arguably the best GM in the NFL right now.

Do they even do Hard Knocks anymore???

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And why would Ozzie want to help the GM of one of his largest competitors at the time? Back when the Jets were in consecutive AFC title games IIRC? That doesn't make any sense at all.

It makes more sense that Ozzie would say this knowing it would help distract them.

That'd be like TD telling the Bears or Packers what to do.

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