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Few Of My Top Threads I Want To Have Here For Future Reference For Easy Access.

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Guest fibonacci


this thread is old as dirt but one of the first I picked up on. goes back to 2004 and of course the values have changed but it still is a good idea of how it works.

Each year there are dozens of draft selections doled out about a month before the draft rolls around. There is always much speculation around these picks... How is a FA loss graded? Who qualifies? What cancels a loss out? In the end, it seems no one knows who will receive a boon or a snub from the league... Yes, I’m talking about compensatory draft picks....

I've been following the patterns of compensation picks for the past few years, going back to the 2000 NFL Draft. The most solid definition one can get when it comes to assigning compensatory picks is the following:

“Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.”

Well, that doesn’t tell us anything, now does it? Here’s what I’ve been able to put together – albeit loosely – about the awarding of NFL Compensatory Draft Picks.

“Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.”

It seems that only an UFA (Not a RFA) that is acquired / lost prior to the June 1st UFA tender deadline will be eligible in the compensation equation. Also, non-rostered players seem to be ineligible for compensation, as are those who retire prior to the regular season starting. There seems to be some speculation as to whether or not previously acquired free agents are eligible for compensation if lost. As far as I can see, they are in fact considered and rewarded. Charlie Garner as an example in 2002 was acquired by SF from Philly in ’99 and then was acquired by Oak from SF in ’02. The latter transaction resulted in SF being given a 5th round compensatory pick for him. (He earned 1.5M Annually & started 15 Games w/ a Post-Season start)

Next in line after figuring out who is eligible or not, it’s time to figure out what they’re worth. In terms of the formula, the first element that determined one’s worth is salary. The simplest breakdown I’ve been able to muster at this point is by breaking down the Annual Worth of a contract over time. It seems this is a relatively strong base-factor in all the cases I’ve seen so far.

Average Annual Salary via Free Agency

Value 250k ... 1.00M ~ 7th Round

Value 1.01M ... 2.00M ~ 6th Round

Value 2.01M ... 3.50M ~ 5th Round

Value 3.51M ... 5.00M ~ 4th Round

Value 5.01+ Million ~ 3rd Round.

Now this is just the basis for classification. There are still two more huge factors.

Playing Time. As far as I can tell, playing time helps you if you’ve got a lot of it, and really hurts if there’s none of it. The formula I’ve employed to this point is as follows:

Playing 0 Games = -2.0M Value

Playing 0 to 5 Games = -1.0M Value

Starting 0 to 4 & Playing 6+ = -500k Value

Starting 5 to 10 Games = No Change

Starting 10 to 15 Games = +500k Value

Starting 16 Games = +1.0M Value

So... A player earning 5.25M who plays in 0 Games would be worth only 3.25M and instead of cashing in as a 3rd round compensation – he’d be worth only a 5th rounder. However, not only is starting 16 Games always enough to send a 7th rounder to a 6th, and a 6th rounder to a 5th, it’s usually enough to escalate one who would be a 5th rounder to a 4th, and 4th to 3rd.

Post Season Honors. Again, this is sketchy at best, but the bonuses as I’ve best been able to determine, affect the following situations as follows (post-season awards are cumulative):

Being Voted to Pro-Bowl: +1.0 M to Value

Being Selected Pro-Bowl Alternate: +500k to Value

Post-Season Starting Role: +250k to Value

Conf Champion Team: +250k to Value

Super Bowl Champion Team: +500k to Value

In this case, a player making league minimum (250k), who has a breakout season, starting all 16 games, being voted to the pro-bowl and on a SB championship team would actually be worth 3.25M in compensation – still only escalating him to a 5th round pick. A player like Simeon Rice, who had an average contract value of 4.0M was boosted to a worth of 5.25M due to a playoff start and starting all 16 regular season games. Concurrently, he was one of the few worth a 3rd round compensation selection. That same year, Ross Verba was acquired via free agency and had an average salary of 4.0M – just like Rice – but had no playoff appearance and only started in 15 Games. His value wasn’t high enough to get the Packers a 3rd rounder – instead they were rewarded a 4th round compensation.

Now, after all is said and done, I know this formula isn’t dead-on accurate. There are flaws, and I think the last person who was thorough in testing it only figured it was about 85% accurate for the projected round, but became 99% accurate within +/- 1 Round. Here’s two examples of this year’s upcoming ’04 Compensatory Draft Picks pertaining to the Jets.

Randy Thomas (7Y/28M = 4.0M Avg.) + 1.0M (16 Starts) = 5.0M (4th Round)

John Hall (5Y/7.1M = 1.4M Avg.) + 1.0M (16 Starts) = 2.4M (5th Round)

The Jets also have comps coming due from R Andersen (Dal) and J Darling (Ari), but will have them most likely balance with acquisitions of Conway (SD) and Ty Carter (Min). Damien Robinson (Sea) will, unfortunately, not give us any compensation as he was released (non-rostered), but similarly, we won’t have to give up and compensation for Doug Brien, Chester McGlockton or Dan Stryzinski for the same reasons. Also, Nutten will not affect us having retired before the season opened.

Oh, and I heard rumors that R Thomas was named to the Pro-Bowl replacement squad for OL. If that's true, he'll most likely be worth a 3rd round compensation pick!

So, I hope this may as least help to get some of you closer to answering the question, “How many compensation picks, and where, will my team get this year?” If anyone has a more solid formula, or notices large discrepancies while applying this – please post about it. Hopefully we can refine this for the future

now here is the reason I ask if you boys know it. there was a thread started on trading Rodgers and not one person has yet said, "why the heck do you want to trade him, instead of letting him walk and get a comp pick out of him?". and I'm sure there will be one before to long on trading Spoon. (but hopefully making this thread will stop it becomes someone thinks it)

Now Sproles was traded for a 5th. you need to understand that means Rodgers will bank us a 6th. OR............. you can go through and obtain a comp pick for him. I believe he would get us a 4th - 5th depending on where he goes and his contract. but Rodgers will be going somewhere to be a #1 RB, you can bet on that.

hopefully this will end a lot of talk on wanting to trade players in the last year of their contract if they are going to only get you a 4th or lower.


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Guest fibonacci

OK first let me explain this...........

we have 10 picks in the draft. if we select all ten. then yes they count against the regular cap. (here's comes the BUT). buttttttt. the capfor the offseason only is allowed to include top 51 players. yes we will give them contracts that will total almost 6 million. But it will also knock off all these other 500,000K player contracts. So yes signing the rookies will cost us about 5.2 million +. but under the top 51 rule, it will lower that amount to only about 3 million. (there is a more detailed at the bottom that shows the entire break down)

So here is what the top 51 rule is

Top 51 Rule: This is explained in Article 13, Section 6, subsection (a)(i) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. The rule states, "between the start of the League Year and the first day of the regular playing season, only the following amounts from Paragraph 5 shall be included for players whose Player Contracts are not among the Team’s 51 highest valued Player Contracts, tenders and Offer Sheets (as determined under this Section 6): (1) Any amount that exceeds the Minimum Active/Inactive List Salary for Undrafted Rookie Free Agents; and (2) Any amount that exceeds twice the applicable Minimum Active/Inactive List Salary for all other players.

In simple terms, it means that during the offseason, for any player whose cap number is not among his team's 51 highest cap numbers, his base salary ("Paragraph 5" salary) does not count against the cap. The two exceptions listed above ("any amount that exceeds ...") are not known to have ever come into play, because teams traditionally give undrafted rookies minimum base salaries, and it would be extremely unlikely for a team to have a player outside its Top 51 with a base salary more than twice his applicable minimum."


this is on the chiefs to give you an idea on another team.


I just wanted to share that with people about the "top 51 rule".



I know I added all the 51 players correct. I am almost positive I have done this right. look it over and tell me what you think.

for the rule 51 (this is only in affect until the first day of regular season.)

1. as of today. (includes everyone on the roaster) the entire team is at 127 million in cap. BUT under the top 51, we are at 119.67.

- that leaves us with 16 million to spend.

2. include dead money

- now we have dead money from Gonzalez, Clabo, nicholas, ewing and many others. that total 8.4 million.

- so that means we will be left at 7.6 million under the cap.

3. if we keep all of our picks. then this is how it follows.

note: anyone selected after pick # 138 will not matter because their signing is minimum. and will fall outside the top 51.

#6 = $2,972,184

#37 = $955,153

#68 = $577,708

#103 = $525,362


4. now with adding these 4 picks. they will be replacing others that in that top 51. Which are roughly 0.5 million each.

- so that means after you take out the 4 the are replacing. the falcons will be only adding 3.04 million to the cap.

- meaning we will have 4.56 million to spend in cap

5. Decouds numbers will come off on june first.

- 3.779 will be taken off

- bringing our cap to spend to 8.33 million to spend.

6. we will sign undrafted rookies. but they will not count against the top 51. because they will be vet minimums.

Regular season cap. (all 53 players and etc.) this takes affect on the second day of the regular season.

- The last two guys at the back end of the 53-man roster will probably be rookies making something around the absolute league minimum of $405,000, so after you multiply that figure by 2, you'll have to create another $810,000 in cap space when it's time to begin the season.1.

- As far as the Practice squaders are concerned, they make $6,000 a week (1 player making that rate x 17 weeks = $96,900---Multiply that by 8 players and you get $775,200).

- If you add the CAP HIT money for the last 2 men on the 53-man roster and the practice squad, you get another $1,585,200 that you have to account for AT MINIMUM when the bullets start flying again.

2. so you take away 1.585 off of the cap.

- 6.75 million under the cap


for the rule 51 (this is only in affect until the first day of regular season.)

1. as of right now the Saints are 17.57 under the cap.

2. but then you have to caculate for all the dead money

- from harper, greer, moore, smith and others. total up to be 11.39

- saints are 6.18 under the cap

2. the pick that matter for the saints are

#27 = $1,386,672

#58 = $646,224

#91 = $540,725

#126 = $506,903

- total is 3.09

- Now you remove the other 4 contracts. bringing to 1.09 to sign the rookies.

- bringing it down to being 5.09 under the cap

3. the total they have in under the cap is 5.09 million

Regular season cap. (all 53 players and etc.) this takes affect on the second day of the regular season.

1. you account for about 1.59 for the other two signings and for the practice squad and etc.

- bringing the under the cap to 3.5


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Guest fibonacci

I know for the last few days we have had a lot of trolls and I seen it in the past. So now with it quiet I would like to explain how to ignore members/trolls.


1. go to your name in the top right corner of the page. and click on it

2. click on "manage ignore prefs"

(I have highlighted a green arrow in the page.


you will then see in the bottom of the screen "add a new user to my list".

1. add the correct spelling of the members name. (it might work best to copy and paste that member.

A. for members who have special characters.

- Quote one of there comments

- then copy exactly who there name is in the quoted comment. (if anyone needs a picture of this, I will make one up)

2. you can "ignore" posts, signatures, messages, chats.

- so just select each option you would like to do.

3. If for any reason you want to change the settings on someone you can do so. it will show the persons name (what I have blocked out in red). and you can decide to "block or "allow"

4. there is also a "ignore all signatures when reading a post".

- that is located above the bolded "Users I'm Ignoring".

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Guest fibonacci

So lets say you like to see if anyone ever quotes one of your comments. and you like to know about it so you can see what they said.

Well there is a way for that.


now simply there is a icon in the top right corner with a little man inside.

click on that

when it opens, click on "options". (as seen in picture 1.)

when you click on options you will be taken to this page


simply look for "notify me when someone quotes me. (and I'm not already following the post).

then look to the right in click how you want to be notified.

- just through the site. which makes that little man in the top right go red with a number of how many times you been notified.

- email will be sent to you

- to even it can be sent to your phone.

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Guest fibonacci

Saving the next couple of post for my training camp thread links. that way we can see where I deserve to eat crow on and where I should get the burger king crown. :D

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Guest fibonacci

wish there was a way to view all the threads I made. but oh well. I'll just start my collection here of when something good is written. discuss is y'all have anything to want to talk about or want me to add something or want to discuss the things in this topic.

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Guest fibonacci

Lol I'm doing that this morning already with taking about comp picks in that thread. You got got the main point go over peoples head and ignoring it. And instead they want to just argue on cap space and what role Rodgers will play.

Basically it's trying to talk quantum physics. And people want to argue over high school algebra.

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