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Replogle Switched To Ol?

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It depends on HOW it was "confirmed" if someone checked the falcon's home page roster it does say OL BUT that list has never really known for it's accuracy..

No article or blog or bullet on the home page it's a possible typo on the roster list

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It was impossible for him to make the roster at DL. Now it's just next to impossible at OL.

if he shows promise he could be on the practice squad again as a hidden gem while he learns the position. He has a better shot than DL.

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I got $20 says Replogle is better than Konz after one practice session.

I am one who thinks that Konz will be improved with another offseason and a new OL coach (to what degree does 'improved' mean, I don't know) but I also could see Replogle just flat out being better at guard during his first week or 2.

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