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EATONTON, Ga. — Officials in middle Georgia say they believe a 50-year-old woman found dead in Lake Sinclair died from accidental drowning.

The Macon Telegraph reports authorities found the body of Vicki L. Stephens at the bottom of the lake near her home. Putnam County Coroner Gary McElhenny says an autopsy last Friday determined she drowned.

The coroner says sheriff's investigators looked into the case, but found no evidence of foul play.

McElhenny says authorities don't know how Stephens ended up in the water or why she drowned, but her death appears to be accidental.

For those of you following along Lake Sinclair is connected to Lake Oconee. The other piece of info missing from this particular article is that Ms Stephens was also a real estate agent w/ Coldwell Banker Lake Oconee Realty. Found just yards from her own dock with her personal belongings sitting on it.

You know who else lists himself as a Jacksonville real estate agent beginning in 2010?

Brad Dermond


Only reason I point this out is because just about everybody I talk to about the Dermond murders says they believe the assailants knew their targets and knew how to navigate through the area as if they lived there in that community or had been casing it beforehand. I would agree it was not just a random attack.

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Guest terryowens81

I think people are quick to assume the attacks on Mr and Mrs Dermond were not financially motivated because "nothing was missing" from the crime scene according to their children or investigators. But what if the attack was orchestrated to merely look like a very personal vendetta or mob related dispute carried out by some large criminal entity delivering a violently threatening message? I'm thinking there are at least 3 other targets where the above scenario could be employed as a diversion.

1) A secret safe in the house

80-90 year old elderly people love to hoard cash and valuables. People with money love safes. Perhaps Mr Dermond was tortured in exchange for information from Mrs Dermond about the location of a secret safe inside the house? This scenario would not automatically rule out family members either since those are the primary ones clued in that such things might be in existence. Family members are typically in the unique position of being able to confirm the existence of any safes or caches of valuables. Perhaps nothing really was taken because the old couple simply held out and resisted their attacker(s) for too long?

2) Life Insurance money


3) Inheritance

Obviously these targets would implicate one or more of the Dermond's children as the source of the attack. If this be the case they are likely to have contracted w/ someone to make the hit. If the motive is to murder your own parents for their money, it would make sense for the attacker(s) to make it look like it was something connected to larger criminal activity. Hence why they were probably ready to make off with 2 bodies without a trace but instead staged a beheading to throw off investigators chasing a dead end connection to the criminal underworld.

Whoever the attacker(s) are they were close by. I'm certainly suspicious of the house closest to the Dermonds' house being listed for sale (and possibly vacant) and now an agent at the realtor's office mysteriously turns up dead in the adjacent lake with no explanation for it less than a week later.

Is it a real serial killer on the loose? Or is somebody just covering their tracks?

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Guest terryowens81

Investigators find body of Shirley Dermond on Lake Oconee



The Putnam County Sheriff confirms to Channel 2 Action News that a body pulled from Lake Oconee late Friday afternoon is likely that of Shirley Dermond.

Dermond disappeared two weeks ago after her husband, Russell Dermond, 88, was found decapitated at the couple’s home on Lake Oconee.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills said the body, found shortly after 3 p.m. Friday, fit the description of Shirley Dermond.

Sills said they body was likely transported to the area of the lake that her body was found in, but did not get into detail about a cause of death.

Sills said there were no signs of trauma to the body, but it was defintely a homicide.

The sheriff said Shirley Dermond's body will be taken to the state crime lab in Atlanta for an autopsy.

Channel 2's Richard Elliot talked to a fisherman who discovered the body.

"It became apparent as we pulled closer that it wasn't just something in the water. It was a person and I won't forget it," he said.

"I don't know how you are going through this but I hope it helps," the man said in a message to the Dermond family.

Earlier in the day, Sills told Elliot that in his 40 years in law enforcement, he's never seen a case quite like this.

“It is unusual for me at this point in the investigation, especially with this many people involved in the investigation, not to have a clear path that we are going down,” Sills said.

Sills said his investigators are almost done processing the Dermonds' house for clues. He's even questioned Mrs. Dermond's bridge club.

It's been two weeks since someone killed and then beheaded 88-year-old Russell Dermond and possibly kidnapped his 87-year-old wife Shirley.

Sills says most killings usually involve some kind of criminal activity but that doesn't appear to be the case with the Dermonds, someone he calls an all-American couple.

“The associations that would normally be with a crime like this, much less one as bizarre as this, are not here. So that leaves us looking at everybody and everything,” Sills said.

Other than using the Georgia Bureau of Investigation crime lab, Sills has declined to call in GBI investigators.

Elliot spoke on the phone with the Dermonds' son Keith in Jacksonville. He didn't want to be recorded but did tell Elliot that bringing in more investigators would be a good idea.

“The more people we have looking at things, who knows? The more resources, the more people, it would be better off. I don't know why the GBI wouldn't be involved," Keith Dermond said.

Sills maintains his investigation is very thorough.

“The idea here is to find out who these people would have some sort of problem with a rather somebody had a problem with them. And you do that by literally trying to identify every human they know,” said Sills.

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Guest terryowens81

So why am I next ??

I don't know who is next. Whoever came in contact with the killer(s) apparently. The woman who was found dead in the lake a week after the Dermonds were murdered was a real estate agent with the same realtor that listed for sale the house located closest to the Dermonds' house.

I wouldn't be surprised if whoever attacked the Dermonds was operating in the area posing as a buyer or another agent. An agent equipped with all the inside resources posing as a buyer? Someone that might get ID'ed as an agent eventually because agents use pictures so the poor lady agent who could eventually ID a killer has to go?

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Guest terryowens81

You'd think that Sheriff down there in Oconee would do some real investigating as opposed to increasing reward money. The following story is an example of why the Dermonds were murdered imo.


Cops: Teen, girlfriend killed grandparents for inheritance

STERLING, Colo. - Authorities say a teenager accused of killing his grandparents told police he planned the murders so he could get his inheritance. His girlfriend is also charged in the double homicide.

Nineteen-year-old Brendan Lee Johnson and 18-year-old Cassandra Ann Rieb appeared in court Wednesday in Sterling, a small city on Colorado's rural northeastern plains, a day after they were arrested in the deaths of Charles and Shirley Severance, both 70.

Arrest affidavits say both teens told police they planned to kill Johnson's grandparents by smothering them with pillows as they slept. Police say Rieb told them Johnson wanted to inherit their house and $20,000 from their checking account.

Police say the teens dumped some of Shirley Severance's remains near Sterling and others about 30 miles away in Lorenzo, Nebraska. Police discovered Charles Severance's body in his home last week.

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Guest terryowens81
Posted · Hidden by Rev_Hal, June 5, 2014 - eh
Hidden by Rev_Hal, June 5, 2014 - eh

Are you hoping that it's a black guy that's next, or maybe a small Mexican girl?

I'd hope for the murderers to spare both of them if it meant you were next Free Racist.

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