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Robert Godhigh , U F A Just Signed With Falcons

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As a UGA fan i heard his name ALOT during the UGA/GA Tech game.

He was pretty good in that game. Other than that I dont know much about him.

If anyone else here is a Tech fan, I'd love for you tell give me a good reason why Robert Godhigh isn't in your Top 10 favorite GT football players of all time. I'm not saying he's one of the top 10 BEST, I'm saying he deserves to be one of your 10 FAVORITE. This little dude has heart like you wouldn't believe and is ALWAYS making plays. He was an absolute pleasure to watch for his entire career.

I'd say he has a very, very slim chance of making the team but if he does... GODHIGH FALCONS JERSEY HERE I COME!

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GT fan here and this guy is legit. Don't let his size fool you, he NEVER goes down after first contact. He is another ankle breaking type of back but seems more quick than fast. He was the offense at GT the past few years which isn't saying much but trust me if he makes the roster he will be a fan favorite. He plays the game like he is 10 ft. Tall and has a ton of heart.

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I like him BUT almost ever play he runs to the outside

He was a A back in the Triple Option 90% of their runs are outside... He's still a shifty back that won't go down with just some arm tackles... plus he's actually a very good pass catcher out of the backfield. Just wait you'll fall in love with this guys play in the preseason not sure he'll make the team with all the other RBs on the roster but practice squad or another team may grab him. Edited by malak07
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