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Prince Shembo - Wow!

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I'm more optimistic about Smallwood. A guy that only fell that far on the draft boards because of a 40 time he ran with a slightly injured hammy. I mean, he's no Julio blazing the 40 on a broken foot but still, I think there is more potential there. One thing is for sure. They are Falcons now which means I'm a fan of them!

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If I picked one to be a pass rusher it'd be Tyler Starr

I like his measurable's 6'4 250 33 1/2 arms with a decent three cone time 6.64, 4.85 40

Ryan Kerrigan 6'4 267 33 3/8 arms 7.18 three cone time, 4.67 40

Aldon Smith 6'4 263 35 arms 7.19 three cone time, 4.74 40

Clay Matthews 6'3 240 32 1/2 arms 6.90 three cone time, 4.58 40 (combine & pro-day 2009)

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I don't see him as a difference making pass rusher at all. Could be wrong. Hope I'm wrong. I'm not high on Maponga either. Hope I'm wrong about both of them.

Mayock said the following: - and he should know, he does all the Notre Dame games on TV

  • Toughest kid on the team
  • Better moving foward (i.e. rushing passer/attacking the run)
  • Not as good in coverage.
  • Good with his hand on the ground rushing the passer

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Anyone else notice he does the superman thing like Cam. I want to see him on the field and make a play on Cam just so I can see that

If he sacks sCam and stands over him and does the Superman thing, I'm putting him on my all-time favorite Falcons list for sure.

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