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The Desire To Win Comes From Within - Not From Themes, Music, Or Propaganda!

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All too often the players rely on music and propaganda to motivate them, fans rely on themes to inspire us, and when this happens, disappointment reigns supreme, as we generally come up far too short in our accomplishment to win. When this happens we are dismissing the most important aspect of motivation of all, and that is which comes from within. A players thoughts and desires, his commitment to himself, to his teammates, coach, owner, and the Fans should be foremost within his heart for the competition at hand.

If the players posses the skills, talent, determination and displays the commitment and attitude not to be defeated, more times than not, a win follows.

This year, it should all be about playing the game at 100% all the time, being fully prepared, supremely motivated, totally committed and settling for nothing less than victory.

Yeah, theme music is nice (mainly for the fans), d-block is a distraction (cute and entertaining), goof off time for the players (don't care to see clowning when team is losing) but not necessary at all. These things are external for sure and have nothing to do with being ready to play...millionaires with attitudes get things done, and we know the team is loaded with them...so, this year, it should be nothing but business at hand, which is winning!

Sorry for the rant, but all too often, we seem to forget that ones will from inside dictates their performance.

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