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This Was Not Just A "cute" Td Draft


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You knew it was going to happen as soon as they took Southward, "dammit TD, you just had to get cute, didn't you?". Then as the draft went on,"here we go again". I do get the pessimism, since his head-scratcher picks have rarely turned into anything.

But consider that TD brought in Pioli, and had 4 GMs in the room with him to make these vital decisions and repair the trainwreck from last year; Not the least of which is a former head coach/GM who loaded up San Fran with a lot of the talent they built a powerhouse on. If you don't think Nolan had a lot of input into what kind of guys he needs to run his defense, you're crazy. Half the draft screams Nolan to me more than TD.

TD knew that he had 3 jobs, fix the trenches, get nastier, and create competition in weaker areas so we ensure the best starters and best depth possible, so that no one given a job by default. I think he accomplished all three of those things in draft and FA. If they hit on some of the late round guys, even better.

Let's also realize that things didn't quite go according to plan. They were unable to make a good deal to move up for Clowney or Mack, but they didn't overpay and instead went to plan B when Mack didn't fall. They would take the tackle if they didn't get an amazing offer to move out.

Plan B also involved trading up into the first to either get an edgerusher like Ford or as was reported today, S Jimmy Ward. No partners there either, so they again reevaluated.

Coach Smith said that they didn't think the rest of the edgerushers were anything special, but Hagemen is a beast who could provide similar results by beefing up the front 3, who may provide more interior pressure than some think.

I think that their plan going into this draft was to go heavy on whatever they didn't address first. If you got Clowney or Mack, then maybe they focused more on O-line and offense in the draft, but since tackle and interior lineman were the best value and they couldn't get an edgerusher early, they loaded up with lottery tickets to build around that stout front.

You can argue whether Southward was a reach or not, he certainly isn't a safe pick either to contribute any time soon, but he was the other plan B. I don't think they liked what they saw if they missed out on him. Maybe it was a desperation move, maybe it was a good gamble on upside, we'll see, but I get why they felt it was their best move. I don't think TD signs off on him either unless Smith and Nolan just loved the kid's potential after coaching him in the Senior bowl.

He probably isn't the quick fix we wanted at safety, but hey, the Saints (Rafael Bush) and lack of trade partners left us with less than ideal options at S.

As for the rest of the picks, who knows, but you can no longer say that we don't have any depth. No ones jobs are safe besides Matt, Julio, Roddy and Trufant.

All I know for sure, is training camp is going to be interesting this year.

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