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My 2014 Surprise Player Of The Year

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Jonathan Massaquoi will be my surprise player of the year, he showed promise at times last season but we still never really had any push in the middle, didn't have a LB core worth a dam until all of the starters got hurt and the back ups came in and upgraded the position and of course we had no FS.

I went back and took a look at his draft profile, was said to be undersized and inconsistant and he put on 20 lbs before becoming an NFL player.

I think now that he got his feet wet and we have upgraded the middle of our DL that Massequoi will be a good pass rushing DE for us.

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Gonna go with Goodman. No one knows what defense we are going to run as far as % of snaps. He was our starting LDE last year and quietly one of our best defensive players when he was on the field.

Already had freakishly long arms and now up from 275lbs to 290lbs I think he can have a nice role on our defense. He probably won't get much media praise but he will make an impact.

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I'm looking at a few of the guys we got late. I think we will be rotating heavy since there isn't a "dude", so I'm liking Smallwood, Starr, and Spruill. All are grown men and have a nose for the ball. If we place any of those three on PS the Saints are likely to grab them up and they will come after MR with reckless abandon. Not high on Mass, Goodman, or Spoon. I hope Mass is the guy, I just don't see it in him.

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to be fair, we never got to see what Sid could bring to the table. at least with Mass we know he's gonna get snaps

I hear you, Sid had an attitude issue. I work with some people close to his family, and apparently it's a common trait throughout his family.

I'm just tired of seeing these players coming out of nowhere on other teams, and hear all this preseason hype out of our developmental players that never seem to pan out.

Worrilow came out of nowhere, because he had to. I just don't know if it's the players, or the over-cautious nature of Smitty to not let young talent out on the field.

Like I said, I'm just tired of waiting.

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