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Udfa Signings Thread

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Top Posters In This Topic

WR cody hoffman to the Skins

CB Rashaad Terynolds to the Jags

RB Crowell to the Browns

QB Connor Shaw to the Browns

QB Brett Smith to the Bucs

TE AC Leonard to the vikings

Rb Antonio Andrews to the Titans

TE Xavier Grimble to the giants

OT James Hurst to the Ravens

DT Mike Pennel to the Packers

FB Ryan Hewitt to the Bengals

RB James Wilder to the Bengals

TE Joe Don Duncan to the Patriots

CB Purifoy to the Broncos

LB Barrett to the Broncos

Zack Kerr to the Colts :(

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Wisconsin actually puts out a lot of players and a lot of them are quality players, we've just had some bad luck with them.

I wasn't saying positive or negative, but thats the 5th one we've had on the team in the past 2 seasons lol.

Wonder what the deal is with Hubbard

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