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Okay How Do We Go About Te And De Now?

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DE was addressed with Hageman. If you mean pass rushing OLB then my guess is they want to see how Massaquoi, Maponga, Osi, and Biermann do with a much improved D-line. If they do well, great. If not, then address it next year.

There were no TEs worth drafting once Fiedorowicz came off the board. We'll just have to resign ourselves to lackluster TE production this year.

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I thought they'd get a tall WR in the midrounds to replace some of TG's production.

Very surprised they didn't.

We don need a guy who can either burn or be a big possession guy beyond our top 2. Perhaps they're going to get a vet late in the game.

we have a TE that's 6'8" for goodness sake cool.png
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Come on J-Wall, you are smarter than this:

We don't have a glaring hole, we have a completely different scheme, the team believes in Mass and say it with me "Collapse the pocket from within".

As for TE, more 3 and 4 WR sets instead of a Tony Gonzalez type TE...

I'm optimistic about Mass myself. But other than him who has shown anything? I totally get the scheme stand point but it would have been nice to get a pass rusher. And TE is a glaring hole because we have nobody
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I can't say that I'm happy about the talk of DE-emphasising the TE position, although it depends who we use and how much we use them. There was always going to be a significant drop off, but we still need to utilise the TE in the passing game and get a reasonable level of production there.

There are essentially 5 eligible receiving targets on each play, and to stretch defenses and create mismatches you need a level of production and pass receiving ability at each one. Not having it, makes an offense a lot easier to stop. We cannot turn the TE position in to a essentially a blocking only role.

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