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You Guys Want Dezmen Southward Highlights? Here They Are

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So I don't really like this pick too much, but this guy definitely flashes at times. He's incredibly fast and from what I've seen analysts say about him...Dezmen will be an amazing special teams player right away and also can be classified as a high-upside project.

So I couldn't find many highlights other than that Arizona State game, I decided to think outside the box. Chris Borland is the best player on Wisconsin's defense so his multiple tapes show our boy.

If you notice, this kid was playing in the championship game in 2013 with a broken wrist. He's definitely tough, but can he cover? I'm not so sure. You guys can decide for yourselves.


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Waste of a pick!

I can see where you are coming from JB. I'm still not to sure about the kid. His pro day numbers are ridiculous though.. He definitely needs a lot of work, but he can TACKLE and has top notch speed.. THE ANTI-DECOUD.. I'll let him get on the field, before I call him a bust. He has hella potential!! Will that translate?? Who knows yet!!! Edited by Mr. Derrty Bird
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