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Time To Give Td Some Credit

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He finally took players with all pro upside in past seasons he had played it safe and took someone who was rated to be an average starter and that's why we lack so many "impact" players but the roster is full of guys like Kory,Mass,Baker Were if we had an elite player to make plays there nice players to have around him but we don't have that playmaker on defense.

He gambled and took two guys with very high upsides. Like some scouting reports on Hageman compare him to Justin smith,JJ Wyatt, Albert Hanyesworth. And given Southward's 4.3 speed and 40+ inch vert as well as a very good 3 cone he's got a high up side if he develops.

Been saying gamble for years because all you have to do is really hit once say Hageman does produce like JJ Wyatt it completely changes the defense(and I'm not saying Hageman will be that good more so thew sky's the limit)

Wonder if he stick to that the rest of the draft

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