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Thes Hoes Aint Loyal Is The Falcons Fan Theme Song

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We have drafted what was the #2 overall prospect not too long ago and a guy that had a mid 1st rd grade and the biggest, fastest, most athletic and versatile safety in the draft and people want to complain like this has been the worst draft ever. I dont know enough to judge our safety but I know hes got all the tools to give us 1 of the fastest and hard hitting defensive backfields in the NFL. He ran a 4.35 unofficial 40 at his pro day. We now have 3 guys in our secondary that run 4.3 40s, thats pretty scary for OCs to think about.

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I find it funny how nearly everyone complains about the combine and says its pointless

But then everyone says "ran a 4.38" like it makes him a tremendous player lol.

His tape his solid. What little there is.

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Well Ill put my two cents in. I like the pick, Southward imo has the ability to be a pro bowl caliber S or a filler. I dont think he will bust at all his attributes and competitive nature wont let him. If anything we know we will be getting someone faster, braver, and straighter than Decoud.

On that note I really hope the Falcons pick up:

Christian Jones LB FSU

Lauche Seastrunk RB Baylor

Aaron Murray QB UGA

JC Copeland FB LSU

in this order

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