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Don't See Falcons Taking A Fs And Expecting Him To Start.

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I just don't see us taking a FS and expecting him to start for us. Going into the Season I see Dwight Starting, also it is possibly that Alford moves to FS this season. He did train with Ryan Clark this offseason. As of Ishmael, he could be a project that they are working on. It is a little wild and crazy minded to expected a 3rd, 4th, 5th or even a 6th to come in here and start. We might as well kept DeCoud.

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Where do people get the idea of Alford being a FS? Not happening.

Alford showed good Ball Hawking Skills, has speed, goes for the legs when tackling and not trying to hit someone in the upper body. He trained with Ryan Clark, who is a pretty good safety. This happens a lot with CBs, some of them get moved to FS. Not saying it will happen but there could be a chance.

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Marqueston Huff. Ahmad Dixon. Ed Reynolds. Terrence Brooks.

I like Dixon a lot if we move Moore to more FS looks. Dixon is tough in the intermediate. Heavy hitter too. Their MO is physicality and Dixon brings it.

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