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Fixing The Pass Rush.

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We did not get much pressure last year. We all know that, after watching Geno Smith rip our D to shreds.

However, the Falcons signed Paul Soliai and Tyson Jackson, to take up space in 3-4 formations. This already helps our pass rush dramatically. Our linebackers, who are the pass rushers in 3-4 formations, won't be able to be doubled anymore, which helps dramatically. Joplo Bartu, Weatherspoon, and Massaquio especially, are fairly decent pass rushers. So let's say that maybe that combined with Nolan's scheme plus Brian Cox aids our pass rush in the 3-4 formation enough to at least be middle of the pack, seems somewhat plausible. Now we have the issue of the 4-3 defense. Osi is not the elite guy he once was, but he's still a very solid pass rusher. Massaquio is also a pass rusher with great potential. Babs is a good pass rusher at times, and Cory Peters was okay at taking blocks, so what's the problem? They're the only guys we have. And the DEs were getting double teamed far too often. We need another playmaker, but Clowney and Dee Ford are gone, so who do we take? Well it just so happens that every defensive tackle except Aaron Donald is still on the board. Including TWO guys that were expected to go in the first round. I'm telling you, taking a defensive tackle here would help us dramatically. Is it what will happen? Probably not. We'll probably take Attaochu (Who does have potential and could be a VERY good player, maybe pro bowler), but an elite prospect at DT like Jernigan or Hageman would help our pass rush dramatically. Not to mention, Peters is coming off injury, Babs isn't getting any younger, and Jerry is Jerry.

Basically, we still need push up the middle, and it's better to get that now when we can get guys with serious pro-bowl potential than reach for another DE/OLB that's going to sit in the rotation for three years doing nothing before disappearing forever, this is more of a band aid than a complete fix, but a complete fix may not be an option. Summary, for the TLDR folks.

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NFL Films' Greg Cosell sees Georgia Tech DE/OLB Jeremiah Attaochu as a superior prospect to Auburn DE/OLB Dee Ford.

"I like that kid, and in fact I may be in the minority, I like him as a better prospect as an outside linebacker than Dee Ford," Cosell said. Attaochu, whom ESPN's Todd McShay calls the draft's most underrated player, played more linebacker prior to last season, but 2013 saw his responsibilities scaled back to wreaking havoc on quarterbacks. Georgia Tech as the school's all-time leader in sacks generally succeeded in that capacity. Attaochu, like Ford, will be an OLB at the next level. Apr 10 - 10:06 PM

Attaochu and Dee are the best pass rushers after Clowney and Mach, in my opinion. I like Attaochu. I won't be terribly disappointed if he's the pick, and honestly I expect him to be.

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I want us to get a big DT or Attaochu, but if we don't get a DT or 5tech in the 2nd or 3rd its not like we are screwed. Goodman is 290lbs now and will be an above average 5 tech and we could still get a NT later in the draft like Zack Kerr.

My man.... I'm with you

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