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Falcons Get An "a" Grade From Cnnsi On Jake Matthews Pick @ #6

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You know TD tried to move up, but he didn't want to screw the pooch on two drafts for one player. He's done that, and it cost us. He has seen the error of his ways. The Packers, the Steelers, the Niners, the Pats and Seahawks all build through the draft with discipline. Stock pile draft picks and go with volume. The Ravens under Ozzie have done this magnificently.

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yes, my only criticism of the pick was "why not move down a few spots?" - apparently nobody called them when they were on clock - guess it was a 'dead spot' in the draft.

I think had Buffalo not consumated the move to #4 for Watkins - they might would have wanted to jump Tampa for Mike Evans - when Buffalo moved up - it killed the action on the Falcons pick at #6 - that is my theory, anyway.

As long as it took to get the pick in I think we were listening to offers.

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Picking Matthews at # 6 was the most logical selection. Moving up was too costly, and

as TD said, no one called about trading back. It's up too the coaching staff now to help

Matthews reach his full potential in terms of strength, conditioning and technique.

Now the whole unit has to build chemistry. Having a new guy like Jon Asamoah beside him should help in this transition. They'll grow together as they both try to prove their value to the team.

Hopefully Baker can stay healthy for 2 or 3 years and play at his 2012 form. Wishful thinking I know. But the continuity would be great if that happened.

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