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My Top 5 Surprises Of Round 1

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1. Buffalo trading up with Cleveland to select Sammy Watkins

This is the pick that took us out of the Khalil Mack sweepstakes....Thanks Cleveland. I knew Buffalo were desperate to trade up, but I honestly thought that it would be us swapping picks with Cleveland to select Khalil Mack. I guess what TD offered them was not good enough, but at the same time I didn't think Cleveland was that determined to trade down... They already had two 1st round picks and a good amount of depth on their roster. Buffalo is one of those talented teams that haven't quite put it together yet, but they've gotten one step closer with a playmaker like Watkins.

2. Cleveland trading back up one spot with Vikings for Justin Gilbert


3. Ju'Wuan James selected in the 1st round

I can't deny this man's talent and potential, but my goodness I didn't expect him to be picked THIS early. I was guessing maybe the end of the 2nd round. I never thought he would be picked before his teammate at Tenn who started at LT, Antonio Richardson. The thing is, I can't really get mad at the Dolphins for this pick... I honestly believe James will develop into a good player.

4. Marcus Smith selected in the 1st round

Wow, I was hoping we could steal him in the 3rd, but he hopped all the way to the 1st. A hand-in-dirt DE at Louisville, he has the athleticism and size to play standing up at OLB. He plays really aggressive too. He was one of the players I was thinking about when I made the claim that this draft could define the next decade of NFL football. I think he will pan out too in Philly.

5. David Carr falling out of the 1st round

Could the Texans select Carr at the top of the 2nd round? He's the best QB in this draft to me, and as much as they didn't like how everything panned out with David the majority of the blame falls on them... Who selects a QB before building an O-line? They also have Garoppolo as an option, but Carr is obviously the better option. I was certain he wouldn't fall past Arizona. I've said before that GM's are seriously underestimating this QB class and many of them will be slapping themselves on the forehead for passing Carr.

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Definitely agree with 2, 3, & 4. Surprised, but not shocked Carr fell out of round 1. Buffalo was a little surprise going up, but not a huge wow. I think Pittsburgh & Dallas both made me say wow when they picked. Didn't think Shazier would go that high & I have no idea what Dallas is thinking, they needed D badly and there was talent there for them.

New England should be in the running too. Easley could be a good pick, but that injury history could turn him into a Peria Jerry.

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Guest Dtan: God Of Objectivity

Pats not trading out.

Pats reaching big time on a huge risk that they probably could have gotten in the 3rd.

Bill, like his student Tom, is too full of himself.

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Jaguars grabbing Bortles at 3 and Khalil Mack falling to the Raiders surprised me.

I was also surprised at Bridgewater getting picked at 32. I thought a team would trade back into the first round to get him, but after getting all the way to the last pick without that happening, I gave up on that notion.

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