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Realistically, Is Matthews A Future Pro Bowler?


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That's my point he's far more talented than Holmes there was no discussion there more so he hasn't done anything yet and if we crown him now as a great player and he struggles (like most young tackles do) it'll feel like he's a bust when that really may not be the case.

Just like if Holmes is working as hard as he said he was going to he could grab that LT or RT spot he has 35 inch arms very quick feet and has the size and did showed flashes before he tired.

I think if Holmes develops and we plug Matthew in at either LT or RT (probably RT even if Baker is left out) our OL could become one of the better ones and younger ones as well.

I just hope that Holmes is working & come into camp and the season in shape this year.
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It's interesting how split everyone is about his actual talent. Some say he's projected to be a pro bowler, others that he doesn't have a high ceiling but will always be a good player. (Again, I know we were all hoping for a PRO BOWLER at the 6'th pick!)

I wish there was an objective answer,but I guess we'll have to wait and see sigh...

It's just that since we were only ONE PICK away from Mack (I still don't understand why we didn't trade up for him , would it have been a third rounder only?), I'd like to think we go an elite lineman to replace him, and I'm not sure from these commments that this is so

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