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Are You Happy With Matthews?

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Very Happy and it was the obvious choice.

At 1, it seems Texans asking price was too high to even consider going to one, it was reported 3 number 1s and I would guess that meant it was at least a minimum of 37 and next year 1st and probably an extra pick to get Clowney

At 2, Fisher said whilst they were on the clock that it would take a RGIII trade to move them out of the pick; so again I believe that meant at least a minimum of 37 and next years 1st to get Mack

At 3, Why would Jax move when they are targeting their franchise QB. You don't take the risk to drop back behind 2 teams who might be taking a QB and just in front of teams who might jump you to take a QB. Bortles is clearly their guy and you don't mess around with that.

At 4, Do you really drastically overpay (value wise) to outbid the Bills for Mack?

At 5, What would it take to get Oakland to move off their guy so we could pick him?

TD could have been on the phone for the entire hour without having any real chance of moving up without it really hurting.

At 6, Matthews was graded at 7.2 on NFL.Com, the next best is graded at 6.5. He is Mayock's 5th ranked player in his Top 100, so to me he's clearly the BPA on the board at a position we clearly want to upgrade.

All the above = No brainer.

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He isnt the sexy pick because he is a known commodity that will be expected to be good...as opposed to a more raw talent like Robinson and Lewand that people have in their heads will be 'great'.

Who really knows? Not a fuggin peson. Matthews 3 years from now could be the best tackle in the NFL. 3 years from now he could be Gabe Carimi and looking for a job somewhere, doing anything. No one has a clue.

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Yes. I would have been happy with any of the top 6 guys taken other than the QB. I do think this team will always be offense first. Therefore, the ability to protect > than the ability to pursue for the Falcons. The investement is on the offesnive side. We can't change that. It is the house they built.

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My point is there are much better 2nd round OT than 2nd round OLB... Understand?

That's completely different than "We can get a 1st round talent OT in the 2nd", which is what you said before.

Not mad about it, just know we could have done better...

No, you think they could have done better.

How, by trading a 3rd this year and 1st next year to outbid Buffalo? Or an RGIII trade to move to one or two? Promise you TD spent the entire 10 minutes at 6 taking calls about moving back- nobody offered enough.

Could have taken Barr, but that's a huge risk for a GM that doesn't have 2-3 years to let him develop.

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Extremely upset with this pick. Matthews is a combination of Sackmaker & Konz. We should have taken Barr when we had a chance. Our defensiveline has been neglected yet again by TD & Smith.

I'm not. For once the Falcons didn't trade up to get the sexy pick. They stood pat, got the best T in the draft that can play every position on the line and have the 2nd to address a day one starter on the dline. I'm extremely happy.

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But you gotta admit a month or two ago Barr was expected to go top 5 at most top 10, and Mack was the second best. But in the last month or so the media took off with Mack, and hyped him way up. I think Barr will be just as good as Mack

The problem I see is that the "media" seems to think they drive the draft. I was listening on ESPN radio and one of the guys made a remark that "we mocked" Barr in the 20's and he went at 9, so he was upset. The media and a lot of people on this board need to learn that they count for 0 percent in this process. This notion that Mack could go #1 or #2 was a joke to me. No way a small school prospect, no matter how good of an athlete, was going #1 over Clowney. 5 is a good spot, but this "He's the best player in the draft" was too over the top in the opposite direction of how some were killing Barr who goes top 10 which is in line with his body of work and athletic ability.

Why did Clowney get an Aundray Bruce comparison and Mack didn't get an Aaron Curry comparison? Curry was the can't miss, safest bet LB that was 250+ and ran 4.5 that ended up being a total bust. I hope all the guys do well, but ESPN and the NFL network have tried to turn the draft process into a start studded anticipated event. This is the 25th draft I've watched, as little as 7 or 8 years ago people made jokes about people that made it must see TV like me, now its swung in the other direction, but it feels tainted now.

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