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Td Unlikely To Trade Up

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Ian Rapoport@RapSheet 3m

#Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff tells @RichOnSports it's "highly unlikely" that Falcons will trade up to 1. My take: Focus in on No. 4.

Thanks for the confirmation, I rarely post, but only do when I have something genuine/new to add to discussions, but I thought people might think I was making this up, as I'm sure alot of people want to hear this.

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Its funny how D Led suggests we trade down to 9 and take Zack martin when TD has said multiple times its an elite top 10 and there are a few elite players that you want to get and he loves being at 6. So D led suggests we trade back 3 spots and take a huge reach on someone at 9. Dude is a moron

Very true.

All being well, this is the last time we have a pick this high in the draft, why would we take a project? We need a player who can come in and start.

In other news, Jeff Fisher has just been talking to Silver on NFLN, and he seemed to suggest he doesn't think Clowney is gonna drop to two. No surprises there.

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