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Trades Is The Key To My Final Mock

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And here is our pick

1st-Anthony Barr,OLB UCLA

He is the BPA that fills one of our needs I think the front office will value him over Lewan Because of lewans off field issues an I'm ok with that.He is a improvement to the pass rush!

Trade our 2nd and next year 3rd to KC for Eric Berry

3rd-Antonio Richardson OT Tennessee

He was a first round prospect until he dropped an if he is available by the 3rd sign me up!He could easily help out OLINE

4th-CJ Fiedorowicz TE Iowa

He is competition for Toilolo an he isn't that bad of a catcher or run blocker too!

Comp 4th-Max Bullough MLB Michigan State

He led the best defense in the nation last yer an imagine if he was paired up with Worrilow!That would be awesome!He plays just like Urlacher

5th-Michael Campanaro WR Wake Forest

Wes Welker junior...Enough said!He is a scrappy WR who is awesome in the slot.

6th-Zack Kerr DT Deleware

He is a depth pick...But he can learn under Soliai and Babs an possibly be a starter for us in our new scheme down the line.

7th-Tajh Boyd QB Clemson

He is a good dual threat QB all he needs to work on is being smart with the ball.Aside from that he would be a good backup QB

Comp 7th-Trey Millard FB Oklahoma

He is a good pass catcher an is very agile can be used many ways in our offense.He needs to put on weight to handle nfl LBs but he is a upgrade over Dimarco

Comp 7th-Xavier Grimble TE USC

He is a good pass catcher but a below average blocker!He needs work but is a nice depth pick.

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