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Why The Texans Will Not Draft Clowney

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The Falcons won't have to trade up to get Clowney . . . at lest not with the Texans. Let me explain why I don't think the Texans will draft Clowney. The biggest reason is - the Texans don't need him as much as they need a quarterback.

Last year the Texans had the third-best pass defense in the entire league. You can hardly get better than that. So how would drafting Clowney win them more football games? They've already got a pretty solid defense against the pass. However, the Texans were not very good against the run. They need a run-stuffing linebacker like Mack far more than they need Clowney.

But let's look at their offense. They were a respectable 15th in passing offense last year. But this is somewhat deceiving, as they were playing catch-up so often last season, they had to put the ball in the air more often than they probably wanted to. Case in point - their running game was pretty terrible.

I honestly believe that if the Texans stay at #1, they will draft Blake Bortles - or, if they go defense, they will take Mack. If the Falcons are looking to get Clowney, I simply don't think they need to trade up with the Texans. Honestly, if the Texans do draft Clowney, I think they will trade him with whomever picks Mack and try to get more picks.

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I got another thread title for you. "Why nobody knows what the Texans will do". Cause it's the only one that is accurate.

The Texans can go in multiple directions from Clowney (obvious) to Mack (scheme fit) to Bortles (pocket passer) to Johnny Football (proven leader) to trade down. Far too many to know for sure what they will do. And with the draft hours away, why keep speculating?

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