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Trade down from 6 to around 16. Pick up at least a mid 2nd round and a mid 4th round pick.

Middle of first round: Zack Martin OL

Use 4th round pick gained in trade to move from #37 early in the second to late in the first.

Late first round: DeMarcus Lawrence DE/OLB (if Lawrence is taken before we move up, take Dee Ford instead)

Middle of 2nd round (Picked up from trading down): Terrence Brooks S (Jimmie Ward if still available)

3rd round #68: Troy Niklas TE

Combine 4th round #103 with 4th round #139 (compensatory pick) to move up to late in the 3rd: Andre Williams RB

5th round - Jay Prosch FB


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Trades should be reasonable (a middle 2nd and middle 4th to move up from middle of the first to #6 to get a possible superstar...an early 2nd and middle 4th for a late 1st round pick...and an early 4th and a late 4th for a late 3rd).

4 possible starters: Zack Martin at RT. Lawrence at rush LB. Brooks at safety. Maybe Niklas at TE. Lot of growth potential there.

Andre Williams could have a role alongside Jackson and Rodgers. Who knows how big his role might be. Could help replace Jackson next year. Prosch might help our run game, which should help our passing game.

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