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I flipped over to NFL Insiders on ESPN for just a second and they had the Falcons on the bottom of the screen and they popped up some interesting stats.

1. Matt Ryan was pressured 203 times in 2013, most in the NFL. As a result he threw a career high 17 interceptions.

2. The Falcons got 47 starts on defense in 2013 from rookies. Most in the NFL.

3. Falcons lost 7 games by 7 points or less in 2013. Second most in the NFL.

4. Falcons ran the ball on just 31.1% of offensive plays in 2013. Lowest run percentage in NFL history.

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Pretty interesting and a lot of that involved injuries. Hopefully, getting a healthy Johnson and Baker and with the addition of Asamoah and potential draft pick should slow down the pressure on Matt. I liked the fact the rookies got some valuable game experience which should really benefit the defense. Falcons did lose some very close games which is something we can build upon by upgrading the defense and getting the running game on track. I'm thinking we should bounce back this year in a major way!

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