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Texans Asking Falcons For Rg3-Like Trade Haul

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Seriously, call the Texans' bluff. Make them write Clowney's name on a card and turn it in. Then if TD wants to deal, deal then. I'd only be ok with the trade if we don't give up our 2nd this year or our 1st next year AND somehow find a way to address the OT position (I don't know how without our 1st though).

Speculation/reporting was that drafting a player and trading him at least in the top half of the first round isn't feasible because of the new CBA and the rookie pool allotment.

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No it wasn't. Injuries were. You don't replace a starting LT, RT, DE, LB, star WR...get off that train. You really think we would have had enough depth with last years injuries? Whatever. No Julio means no NFC championship game in '12. Can't have it both ways.

Take a listen to what Mike Smith has had to say. Smitty said that the Falcons braintrust knew in training camp that there were problems, big time problems, with both lines. The Bengals came into Flowery Branch and manhandled our guys. Again, this was in Training Camp....before we faced these injuries to Baker, Jones, Jackson, Spoon.... and in case you didn't notice, our Falcons had a losing record before most those injuries hit.

And to heck with depth, we didn't even have enough decent starters to fill out our O line, and this was before Johnson and Baker got hurt.

TD is in charge of finding players, if he isn't at fault who is? TD has had six offseasons to build this team how long does he need? One thing I am absolutely sure of....what happened to our O line last season was simply unforgivable.

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