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If We Stay Put, Who Do We Take In The Second Round?

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#1 Donald

#2 Ward

Wouldn't cry unless we passed over Robinson or Matthews. Higher grades

Just our luck, S and edge rusher are some of the weakest areas of the draft.

I like S over DE/OLB if there's a run on the latter.

With a potential late 1st round run on QBs, Falcons could get a Top 25 talent @37


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I've been screaming his name for so long now, I really want him at 37. That's why I say I'm okay with trading up for Clowney as long as we keep our second round pick. If we come away with Clowney and Ward, I'm beyond content. I'd consider our defense fixed and our offense will be just as good as years passed, maybe better.

This, this and more this!!! Clowney and Ward would tremendously improve this defense. This is what I truly hope happens.

1. Jadaveon Clowney

2. Jimmie Ward

4. Brandon Thomas

4. Terrance West

5. Yawin Smallwood

6. Crockett Gilmore

7. J.C. Copeland

7. Zach Kerr

7. Shaq Evans

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