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Why Aren't The Falcons Pursuing Harvey Dahl?

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Because we already have two guards committed. FA tackles and centers is what we have to look at if anything.

Harvey Dahl is a liability in pass protection.

Which year? He's never given up more than 3 sacks in a season, and when he filled in at RT for St. Louis for a while he was literally perfect.

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Why haven't we picked him up? The same reason 31 other teams have passed on picking him up. In the NFL, it's about how good are you, can you stay healthy, how much money do you want and lastly, how old are you. If Dahl was a quality guard and was willing to play for league minimum, I think we or some other team would've already signed him. With that being said, once teams find out what their gonna get n the draft, I think someone will sign him to a 1 yr. vet min deal because he and his agent will realize his true value and he'll accept vet min deal as it gets closer to training camp. There would be no benefit to Harvey to go out and sign a vet min deal today.

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