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Post-Rumors Mock Top 6


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My attempt to sort through the rumors to determine what might be smoke and what might be legit:

1. Texans - Johnny Manziel - In an ideal world, the Texans really want to trade back and get their QB while getting value for Clowney, but with talk that the Rams interest in Manziel is genuine, and then Jacksonville sitting behind them with a clear need at QB and someone who can draw interest in their dwindling market (not to mention Cleveland, Oakland or another team trading up above them), they stop playing chicken and take their guy here.

2. Rams - Greg Robinson - Like the Texans, the talk is that they'd like to move back, but the trade up to 2 is still massively expensive, and they don't find takers unless they greatly lower their asking price. They really don't have room for Clowney without benching one of their great passrushers, so they take the tackle who also has HOF upside.

3. Jaguars - Jadaveon Clowney - Again, they need a big name who can drum up interest, and Bortles doesn't do that like Manziel or Clowney. They wait to take a QB, and continue to focus on strong defense and running the ball a la Seattle. They get that while getting too good of value to pass up with Clowney at 3. Falcons could come calling to trade with Td's former colleague, but in this scenario:

4. Falcons (via trade with Cleveland for 3rd round pick) - Khalil Mack - Even in the Falcons plan is to stay at 6, they may find it impossible to pass up if Mack is still there at 4, knowing the Raiders are prime candidates to grab Mack in front of them. I'll get to why Cleveland may be willing to deal for cheap when I get to their pick at 6.

5. Raiders - Sammy Watkins - I really don't see the Raiders even looking at QBs unless they fall in love with one (and a recent report from PFT says the same thing). They're unlikely to be competitive any time soon, and need a major talent infusion. They're happy to take the BPA (especially at OT or WR, where they have a longer shelf life), and Watkins is clearly it. 'Nuff said.

6. Browns - Blake Bortles/Mike Evans - Have been rumored to be interested in both players, "smitten" with Bortles. Maybe this is a smoke screen to hide their interest in Watkins or someone else, but they might be very open to moving back and picking up a 3rd, and then have a choice out of at least 2 out of the 3 of Watkins/Bortles/Evans.

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