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With The 6Th Pick, The Atlanta Falcons Select...

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6. Atlanta Falcons - Boba Fett

The Falcons desperately tried to move into the top spot to get a chance at Chewbacca, but just couldn't get the deal done. Fett certainly could come in and fill that void. He's earned a reputation for always getting his man. That reputation might not be exactly earned, actually, but he's a reputation guy and that's who the Falcons seem to fall in love with.

Personally, with Vader still on the board I would have taken a shot at the former Tattooine standout. Questions about his motor, and indecisiveness, and prior injuries had plagued him through out the entire draft process. TD should have still taken a shot at a player who was formerly considered the consensus #1 overall pick.

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Chew baca #1 overall?

This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen.

I think we all know Vader should be the #1 pick.

Chewbacca cannot even speak - Falcons are idiots if they trade up for him - don't do it, Dimitroff!!!!!

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True I think we need to go all Han Solo in this draft... Matt Ryan just won't cut it as a franchise QB

I certainly love a gunslinger at QB. Up until a year ago Greedo was considered by many to be the first QB taken in the draft, that is until he suffered a career ending injury.

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I wonder who will be the first team to reach and take overrated Luke Skywalker. If TD messes up this draft then we need to fire him and hire Yoda as his replacement, he is a very wise man.

If TD gets canned next year we should replace him with Palpatine, I heard that guy has a mean streak to him.

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Guest King Jigsaw

General Grievous could be a better receiver than Julio. I love his ability to catch the ball with all four hands.

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