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Questions About Sam Baker

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I was hoping he would retire this off season, but since he didn't I have to hope we see the 2012 Baker all year kickin azz and takin names!

When was the last time that you heard of somebody retiring and turning down tens of millions? He doesn't even have to play!

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The most decrepit and chitty TATF cliche EVAH ...." Sam Baker is a very good LT when healthy " .... sad.png

If someone searched and found the number of times that statement has been used on these boards, what would be the over/under?

I am setting it at: 990

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What do we do if Baker gets hurt week 1 or 2 this year and doesn't play again this year? Is there a point at which we can declare the guy a medical casualty?

If he was to agree to retire, could we make him some kind of severance pay offer?

Maybe we can take legal action if the guy gets hurt early in the year this season and then again next season? He can only get away with it so much?

Unfortunately that time has come and gone. Yet TD took it upon himself to ignore the inevitable. unsure.png
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What drives me crazy is the homer trolls that continually say he is very good when he's healthy. He aint! He has never been able to run block, healthy or not. And to think Dimi traded three picks to move up for that sorry mofo when he could have taken two time All Pro Duane Brown who HOU selected five picks later. angry.png

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