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Last Mock Draft...

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Scenario: I'm supposing that we trade up for either Mack or Clowney. Personally I prefer Mack over Clowney, and I'm thinking we give up our 1st,, 2nd and a mid rounder next year to the Rams. Basically, I believe the first one with the Rams more than the one with the Texans.

1. Khalil Mack DE/OLB (Buffalo)- We need a pass rusher and with the strong rumors of us trading up I think Mack is the better prospect, better motor, work ethic, versatility, and great pass rusher. He's great in coverage, and would fit good with what Nolan likes to do with his front in players. He will compliment Biermann, Massaquio, Maponga, and Osi well.

3. Terrence West RB (Towson)- Not saying at all that he is LT, but he reminds me of LT when he was at TCU. He doesn't run a 4.3 at 233 lbs like LT, just saying his running style looks similar to me, both were big backs, but they were able to make a guy miss, run away from defenders, and catch the ball. Both had/have that nasty behind jump cut. He needs to improve his pass pro.

I would take a safety here, but I've said this often, never saw safety as a desperate need, it probably could be. I just have never seen as so, especially after we signed Dwight Lowery. If we don't pick up Jimmie Ward, Calvin Pryor, or Haha Clinton Dix... there is no safety better than what we already have. And if we improve the front adequately, the safety "problem" will go away.

4. C.J. Fiedorowicz TE (Iowa)- A TE who is a good in-line blocker, adequate intermediate route runner who can high point the ball, and an adequate redzone option. To me all positions on the football field doesn't have to be a mandatory 1st round starter there. TE is one of those positions on our team. We don't need a Vernon Davis, or Jimmy Graham there because we don't utilize the TE position in that fashion. C.J. fits perfectly with what we ask and expect of our TE's in our current system.


4. Seantrel Henderson OT (Miami)- They want to get bigger and stronger along the offensive front. As far as big, in this draft you can't get any bigger. With Mike Tice as his coach I think we would be getting a very soon to be starter in the 4th round. He was the most recruited player coming out of high school, but had a very disappointing college career. Henderson has the tools, given the right locker room and coaching staff he could be a pro bowler. And we have that here in my opinion.

5. Antone Exum CB/S (Virginia Tech)- Like I said earlier, we didn't get any and would probably not be able to get any of the top 3 safeties with a trade up, we get better value here. I love his ball skills, and he can match up in man coverage also, which in today's game is just as important as any quality for a safety.

6. Ryan Carrethers DT (Arkansas State)- Well, they want to get bigger and stronger up front. You can't get much bigger and you can't get stronger as he benched press the most in the combine. It would help the depth to have more nose capable D lineman on the roster. They are back to be basics essentially, control the line of scrimmage, and good QB play. Carrethers adds to this philosophy.

7. Jake Pederson TE/FB/H-Back (Wisconsin)- WIth Jason Snelling retiring, it added a need as far as a guy who could contribute across multiple positions. Pederson can facilitate this role as he can line up as an inline guy, flex out in the slot, and as a full back as well. Other than full back depth which I think they will most likely address with undrafted free agents and Snelling didn't really contribute to much at fullback anyway, he fills a void left by Snelling.


7. Morgan Breslin DE/OLB (USC)- Okay, you might say how... Well from what I gather, his medical isn't good and he could very well not even get drafted. If he would have left last year he would be a easy 1st round pick. I mean the dude had 20 tackles for a loss and 13 sacks against top competition in 2012. I think a 7th round compensatory is worth the risk, I'm not a doctor, but based on the play on the field from what I saw, he's well well worth the pick here.


7. Derrell Johnson DE/OLB (ECU)- Great depth guy who can contribute on special teams also. I love his core strength as he can definitely hold up at the point of attack, very limited in coverage more of a zone guy, but he can definitely contribute as a pass rusher easy.

"Potential" UDFA to consider..

Andrew Jackson LB Western Kentucky

Khyri Thorton DT Southern Miss

Chris Coyer FB Temple

Marion Grice RB Arizona State

Dimitri Goodson CB Baylor

Zac Orr LB North Texas

Beau Allen DT Wisconsin

Maurice Hagans FB Miami

Torin Harris CB USC

Zurlon Tipton RB Central Michigan

Bruce Gaston DT Purdue

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