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Teague Shocks Crowd With Jaw Dropping Spin Move . . .

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Sorry to post yest another Hawks thread, but this was a magical moment. Before watching this video, LISTEN to it WITHOUT watching. Try to pause the the video at the moment you hear the crowd noise change. First there is a constant buzz, then a random isolated (unrelated to the game) "woooo", then the buzz changes just moments before the eruption.

Look where Teague is when you hear the subtle collective gasp from the crowd . . . Then watch the whole thing live. Pretty slick move and crowd reaction.


He followed it up moments later with gorgeous sort of running one hander going across the lane as the quarter ended.

At some point in the fourth quarter, he attacked the rim again at break neck speed and just got massively rejected . . . Not such a good game from there . . . :(

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