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Honestly How Many Teams Can Afford To Trade Up?


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Dimitroff said in his pre draft interview most GM's are willing to trade back but would prefer to trade to teams in the top 10. After looking at the teams in the top 10, who could really afford to trade up? Falcons and Texans were SB contenders before the start of last season and the rest were or still trying to build their roster. A look at the top 10 teams:

02 Rams - has 2 picks within the first 13 selections. They have no reason to trade up

03 Jaguars - No QB and no playoff contender. They pick 3rd and will get a good player here. They have no reason to trade up

04 Browns - No QB and a few positions they need to fill. Like the Rams they have multiple picks in the 1st round. They have no reason to move up. No QB is worth a move up

05 Raiders - No QB and need just about everything. Their GM had the most money in FA and they got older on both side of the ball. They need all their picks. No reason to move up

06 Falcons - Has a QB but decided to go young last season instead of filling the roster with veteran back-ups like years past (Peterson, Hope, etc etc). Injuries to the skill players and rookies receiving a significant amount of snaps put us in this situation. Otherwise we would have been picking later in the draft. Yes we have a few holes but we can afford to move up.

07 Buccaneers - No QB but a little better off than the other teams in the top 10. They could move up but I'm not sure Lovie is that kind of person

08 Vikings - No QB but has a RB, 2 receivers, and a TE. On defense their Dline is pretty solid and secondary is half complete. They would have no need to move to #1, if anything they need a QB, a CB to team up with Rhodes, or LBs'

09 Titans - No QB and a lot of holes to fill especially moving to a 3-4. Barr would fit perfect here with them. They have no reason to move up.

10 Lions - Has QB but like the Bucs they are in a good position roster wise. Still don't think they move up but they could. Need secondary help

So out of the top 10 teams there are about 3 who could move up. The Falcons are sitting good at 6 because that's better than the 7th and 10th pick. The Texans could leverage more out of them.

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