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Houston Wants 1St, 2Nd & 4Th This Year + 1St Next

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I don't see any team giving up that much.

The Texans have very little to no leverage when it comes to trying to get that much for their pick because it is a few other really good prospects in the top 5 outside of Clowney along with the options of being able to possibly move up to picks 2-4 for a cheaper price and still get one of them.

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Why are so many willing to give up our 2015 1st? Sure it's fun now but next April it's gonna suck a lot!

Because despite your opinion of Clowney, he's got the talent to be worth it. It's tougher to find an impact pass rusher, than a good Tackle.

I didn't miss our pick in 2012, because Julio was worth it. I do wish TD had done a better job with his other picks.

If Clowney comes close to his potential, he's worth it.

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Absolutely not.

Isn't it funny how the Texans are leaking increasingly huge trade pacakges through different sources?

First it was a 2nd this year and next.

Then it was next year's 1st and 3rd and this year's third.

Then it was this year's 2nd and next year's first.

Now its 1, 2, 4 and next year's 1.

Sorry guys. Not having it.

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