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My Dream Scenario At The Moment..


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Trade back into the 1st [Clowney, Robinson, Matthews, Mack, Watkins are the first 5 picks, maybe not in that order] A team wants a QB, and trades up to get the pick of the litter. We get a 1st, 2nd, 4th.

Calvin Pryor - 1st

Kony Ealy - 2nd [i don't know how he falls but I've seen it happen]

Jawuan James - 2nd [From trade back in 1st]

Telvin Smith - 3rd

Christian Jones - 4th

Zack Kerr - 4th [From trade]


BPA the rest of draft.

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Dream scenario for me...

1st Clowney, trade all our picks except compensatory and 2 and 3 and move back up to first for Mack, Mathews falls to the 2nd. We snag him and Bucannon falls for the third and we snag him. Epic draft win for ATL, free Lombardi, put Mathews on IR after the Kraken obliterates him in week 11. Proves that you guys who think a rookie OT can hold up vs. The NFC Souths pass rush are nuts. Hey itsa dream scenario right?

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