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Of All Sports Teams That You Root For-- Are The Falcons First?

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Saw this on another message board and thought it would be interesting over here.

The question was-- rank the sports team that you root for with the categories being primary/ secondary. Primary means you watch every game you can and live day to day following the team. Secondary means probably closer to a casual fan- - you can miss some games but still follow the team as best you can.

I'll start:


1. Falcons

2. Braves

3. US Soccer


1. FSU Football

2. FSU Basketball

3. Hawks

I'll say that this year that FSU football and the falcons swapped at times (yeah there are no rules here obviously).

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Yep. Not even close after that. It used to be



Red Wings

Gators football

with Illinois basketball/football and the Marlins as secondary "occasionally check the standings/watch playoff games" teams.

as primaries. Unfortunately, I don't have the time I used to. So I devote a lot of time to the Falcons, try to keep up with the others the best I can and try to watch a lot of games between teams I dont cheer for.

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1. Falcons

2. Berry college Vikings

3. Wake Forest Deacons

4.. UGA-- football only

end list

I do watch a lot of other college and pro football ------ as fan of the game not fan of the team

I have to ask about the Berry College Vikings. I live in Rome and am at Berry College on most weekends.

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Used to be

1. Braves

2. Falcons

3. Hawks


1. Falcons

2. Braves

3. Hawks

I also like

1. UGA football

2. whomever the underdog is in college basketball

3. Chicago Blackhawks (Dad is from Chicago)

Then it gets complicated: In some sportd I am a fan of players and will follow them to their respective teams if traded or what not, but only after any Atlanta based team has been eliminated or they arent playing against them.

1. Dwayne Wade (been a fan since watching him at Marquette)

2. None currently in baseball or basketball

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Mississippi State


Florida State

A host of others

I used to be a huge Florida State fan. One of my best friends is one as well so I still root for them.

Only reason I was a fan b4 is because when I was young the tomahawk chop was the same as Braves so I just naturally liked them.

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