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Herm Edwards On 790 The Zone: Draft Philosophy, Player Visits, And Clowney


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Former coach Herm Edwards was on 790 the Zone this morning (the show that Alge Crumpler is on) and provided the following insights (some new and some not so new):

*Draft Philosophy: The goal for his staff each year was to find 3 eventual starters out of 7 draftees. That way, in 3 years, you have yielded 9 starters, who become the foundation of your team. (He wasn’t asked directly, but he probably wouldn’t be in favor of giving up picks to trade up).

*Reading into Players Visiting Teams: Says that it is not just about smoke screens or to get a “close look” at a player. It is also to pick their brains to see which teams really like them. Went on to say that coaches and assistant coaches can talk a lot and give things away. Teams have to be careful this time of year.

*Regarding Jadeveon Clowney: All potential draftees are assigned a color-code. Clowney would have gotten a “blue,” which means guys who are not only starters, but potential perennial pro bowl types. In every draft, there are only about four of these guys, according to Edwards.

*Continuing on Clowney: Believes that Clowney is talented enough to have a “good career,” but if he wants to be “great,” here’s the adjustment he’ll have to make --it takes most players about 3 years to truly “understand” the league. Even though guys coming into the league nowadays are under the microscope since high school, they are still in for a culture shock once they hit the league. They are dealing with grown men who take the profession very seriously. Those that get it are the ones who will last, and those who don’t will wash out.

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Some of you are missing the point. The thread isn't about praising Herm Edwards or his track record as a Head Coach.

It is about the draft process that goes on behind closed doors.

Edwards spent 9 years in the league as player, another 10 years as an assistant coach, and also served as Head Coach for two different teams. I think he knows a little something about the draft process and what teams do, leading up to the big day.

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