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First 6 Picks Scenario & Subsequent Mock Draft - Thoughts?

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Here is what I think happens if we don't trade up:

1. Houston trades pick to Cleveland. Cleveland selects QB (Blake Bortles). Cleveland has the extra 1st, not sure who they have been linked most to at this point.

2. St. Louis wants to trade out of pick for Clowney suitors, but decides to take G. Robinson. Too much talent on D already, look to help Bradford?

3. Jacksonville hits the jackpot on Clowney and decides to take him at 3, even with calls from Falcons, price was too high for 3 picks (2014 2nd and 2015 1st)

4. Houston still gets its QB in Manziel (or whomever they ahve been linked most to) and gets the additional picks.

5. Oakland decides to trade out of 5 with DET to acquire more picks. Detroit selects Sammy Watkins

6. Falcons stayed put, were nervous, but in the end they draft Khalil Mack, a guy they liked all along.

Rest of draft for Falcons:

Falcons now make a trade and move back with SF as SF wants a player that fell out of 1st round (ie. Louis Nix). Falcons give up #37, #103, #182 and #220 for #56 & #61 picks.

I think with the following 3 picks, the Falcons address OT, S, and RB...make your picks as to whom, as these are fairly close to one another...

56. Deonne Bucannon

61. JuWann James

68. Charles Sims

The rest of draft:

139. Zach Kerr (DT) Delaware

147. Jay Prosch (FB) Auburn

253. Marcel Jensen (TE) Fresno State

255. Caleb Lavey (ILB) Oklahoma State

Yes, I know players are selected ahead of where most would have them...Yes this mock might be vanilla, but I do think you could easily exchange players that you might like for another in different spots and picks are somewhat packaged together for "fall back plans" if a player is selected ahead of Falcons...what I tried to do was take our 10 picks and best utilize them into 8 picks...

I think the Falcons would come out of this draft with 4 starters (OLB, RT, S, FB) with a potential 2015 starter at RB (5 total starters by 2015). Also key contributors at TE, DT and LB...

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37 alone is worth 56/61. No need to throw all the other picks in there.

The Draft Value Trade Chart that I was using had the following:

#37 = 530

#56 and #61 = 635

So toss in the other picks to make it happen...we gain a Top 65 player while giving up #103 (85pts), #182 (20pts) and 220 (a throw away IMO with the other two comps in 7th)...

I guess, we could keep the 6th rounder and take FB their, and that would leave our 5th for Zach Kerr...maybe take OG (Thomas) or WR/TE with that 4th comp pick?

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I know it's a position of need, but am I the only one here that does not want us to draft a safety in this draft unless we moved up for Pryor in the first round?

I love Pryor and wish we'd trade down and get him, but I'd take this guy in the fourth in a heartbeat. He's a poor man's Pryor.


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