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Top 10 Picks...with Trades & Details....and Scenario Without


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1 – HOU – Johnny Manziel, QB – Sure Houston wants out of the #1 spot, but only if they can get a haul like STL did for RG3. That is not going to happen. Pair that with the likelihood of Manziel going by 4, they stay pat and get the QB they need. I remember reading a quote from a GM saying that it is much worse to pass on a QB that ends up great than to miss on a QB you selected.

2 – ATL (via STL) – Jadaveon Clowney, DE – The price comes down considerably after pick #1 (the value of a mid-2nd round pick), and there is a history between GM’s. The Clowney love is real, and ATL gets what they feel is a once in a generation DE prospect. Excited to see what Nolan plans for this beast.

The cost: 2014 #6, 2014 third rounder, 2015 second rounder, 2015 third rounder. With a knack for landing mid round comp picks, TD feels the thirds are expendable.

3 – JAX – Khalil Mack, DE/OLB – Jags need a QB indeed, but there are huge question marks in this year’s class. Add that HOU bagged their QB, they can look at early round 2 for a signal caller to push Henne. JAX has made it clear they will take best player, and not take a QB just due to need.

4 – DET (via CLE) – Sammy Watkins, WR – CLE doesn’t love a QB here, but #10 is a good spot to grab Carr for them. DET moves up for the player they are in love with. Some has said he is the best since AJ and Julio…some have said best since DET’s own Megatron.

5 – OAK – Greg Robinson, OT – OAK blew it letting Veldheer walk in favor of Saffold, who they ended up flunking his physical anyways. Robinson will provide a much needed player on the OL. This will help with a ball control offense and pass protection…both which are needed for Schaub to not flop.

6 – STL (via ATL) – Jake Matthews, OT – Concerns continue to rise about Jake Long’s long term health. Matthews is a bookend OT who can play either side, giving them time to properly evaluate Jake Long. They have to protect Bradford to see if he is truly their guy, and what they have in the WR corps.

7 – TB – Mike Evans, WR – This move is basically telegraphed with the trade of Mike Williams. Evans is a poor man’s VJax. This will give a receiving corps similar to what McCown had in CHI. Two big WRs fit well in the ‘chuck it’ style of play of McCown and Glennon.

8- MIN – Blake Bortles, QB – Vikings need a QB. Unless Bortles or Manziel were here I don’t think they would take one at 8 though. Thankfully a guy some see as #1 overall falls to them. They can afford to ease him in with a vet like Cassell on the roster. AP helps any young QB ease into things.

9 – BUF – Eric Ebron, TE – Had Watkins or Evans been available one of them would have been the pick. It is too early to give up on Manuel, so they stock weapons for him (or whatever QB eventually replaces him). Ebron has WR abilities in a TE frame, similar to Vernon Davis. They have good young WR talent, and Ebron could make the passing game dangerous.

10 – CLE (via DET) – Derek Carr, QB – Carr is the guy they like, but couldn’t justify him at 4. They add some extra valuable picks and still get the guy they covet. Likely he won’t make it to 26, and now they can use that pick elsewhere. This team is a QB away from taking the division.


ATL round 2, #37 – Joel Bitonio, OT – ATL continues to address the lines. One thing I will give the brass, when they say they are going to do something they do it. They want to get more explosive – Julio, They want to be tougher on the lines – Clowney, Bitonio and a ton of beef in UFA. Bitonio can challenge either side of the line immediately. (other options: Borland (ILB), Verrett (CB), Hyde (RB), Bucannon (FS), Ward (FS), Amaro (TE), Seferian-Jenkins (TE), Nix III (NT)

ATL round 3 – traded to STL


Factoring in no trades:

1- HOU – Manziel, QB

2- STL – Robinson, OT

3- JAX – Clowney, DE

4- CLE – Watkins, WR

5- OAK – Matthews, OT

6- ATL – Mack, OLB

Obviously, this scenario many will like better considering we keep 3 important picks, the thing is a GM cannot expect this scenario and chance not getting any of the top 4 prospects.

IMO, we MUST get one of the 4 blue chippers (Clowney, Mack, Matthews, Robinson), or trade down.

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I feel like the compensation will in fact be less. I too planned to mock manzel to the texans in my next 3 round mock. With him being off the board I think our only competition for the pick the 2nd pick the Cleveland browns would be eliminated. I still dont believe Detroit will be looking to trade up for a receiver in this receiver rich draft. And you may be right on Jacksonville but I still would put mu money on them taking a QB.

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