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Difference Between Trading Up And Down (Mock Included)


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Trade up for the number one pick and lose second round pick this year and first round pick next year.

Round 1 Pick 1: Jadeveon Clowney OLB

Round 3 Pick 4: Dion Bailey FS

Round 4 pick: C.J Fiedorwicz TE

Trade pick 6 down to 14 to Chicago and pick up a second round pick

Version 1:

Round 1 Pick 14: Aaron Donald DT

Round 2 pick 5: Dee Ford OLB

Round 2 pick 19: Terrence Brooks FS

Round 3 Pick 4: Kelvin Benjamin WR or Travis Swanson OC

Round 4 Pick 3: Billy Turner OT

Round 4 pick 39: C.J Fiedorwicz TE

Version 2:

Round 1 Pick 14: Taylor Lewan OT

Round 2 pick 5: Jace Amaro TE

Round 2 pick 19: Terrence Brooks FS

Round 3 Pick 4: Jermiah Attochu OLB

Round 4 Pick 3: Anthony Johnson DT or BPA

Round 4 pick: 39 Yawin Smallwood ILB or Daniel McCullers

The main difference trading back gives us 3 extra starter type players plus we keep our first round pick.

I would say get rid of the we are one player away mentality and build up a solid team.

What do you guys think?

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**** yes to Version 1. Although, I'm a sucker for almost any mock with Donald in it.

I could live with the other picks. Would prefer Niklas in the 3rd and replacing Fiedorwicz with an RB.

Ultimately, I do not see either versions happening but I dig 'em and understand your point. smile.png

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