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How Will This Trade Be Executed?

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Word play aside, how would you carry out this possible trade? The details will dictate the costs.

The trade is signed and sealed before Goodell reaches the podium:

In other words, the Falcons would hold the first pick and be on the clock. If this were to happen, the Falcons would be guaranteed to get their guy, but the Texans would be tangling in the wind, waiting for their pick in the #6 spot. To carry out this deal, the Texans will want/demand more in compensation. Their willingness to gamble would come at a price. Under these circumstances, Tommy would have to throw in two years of first round picks, as well as this year's second and next year's third. The price would be steep.

Agree to the trade after the 5th selection is made:

This format adds a little strategic twist to the situation. To make this deal, the Texans, not the Falcons, would get the exclusive right to refusal. That is, the Texans would have the power to call the trade off. In this instance, the Texans would draft Clowney and wait. If their perferred target is available at #6, then the trade is carried out. But if the object of their desires is off the board, then they simply walk away with their brand new DE. For the right of refusal, the Texans will have to "pay" by accepting less in trade compensation. After all, they will be holding all the cards on draft day. In this case, Tommy would have to part with significantly fewer draft choices. My guess is that the 2015 first rounder would be pulled from the deal and the 2015 third rounder would be upgraded to a second rounder. In other words, the Texans would get a first and a second rounder this year, as well as our second rounder next year.

Which option would you choose for the Falcons?

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