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I read the statement by Jim Harbaugh that the only damage done by the accusations against Kaepernick was to his reputation.

I also read when this first came out that Kaepernick is doing a lot of partying, etc. So, my question is whether or not he will continue to be as effective this year and beyond as he has been up to now.

- Teams tend to scheme against your strengths, and now there is a plan to watch Kaepernick.

- If he is doing some partying (which in and of itself is not the issue), it makes me wonder if his success is going to his head somewhat.

Not a big topic for discussion, but it won't surprise me if he turns in a not so stellar year in 14.

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It's not like the guy is running for President! He's not going to be the next Pope. He is a football player and as long as he's throwing TD's and not hurting anyone off the field, I am good. He doesn't need to be seen in a positive way in the court of public opinion, he just needs to win football games. I hate that we as fans are so hungry for football action (of any kind, really) that we will take something as stupid as a guy going to the movies with his mom and turn it into fuel for the Skip Bayless machine. Such sad and pathetic lives we must lead.

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