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I have thought about this for a few weeks, we keep going back and forth about who we will draft and who we should draft... We all know we have a GM who loves to trade up, i can agree with a lot of fans that i dont want to trade up and lose valuable picks. Also my man crush pick of the year is Charles Sims so he will be in this draft..

my draft will be based on these 5 players being gone not in any order or to any specific team just gone by pick 6!!

1 Clowney


3 Robinson

4 Bortles

5 Matthews

I think these 5 players will be gone, to which team no clue , but theyll be gone...

!!!!! TRADE !!!!! we trade our 6th pick to the Lions The Lions Take Sammy Watkins!! we get lions 1st and 2nd round picks!!

With the 10th Pick Falcons Select !!!!! Aaron Donald !!!

We know how much the Staff loves him... we still need to address the pass rush.... Many would say we need to take Lewan but i have an anology here, if you were selected to get a free supercar, and the 2014 Lambo (robinson) the 2013 Lambo (matthews) was taken But the 2012 Lambo (Lewan) was still there would you take that over the 2014 Ferrari (Donald) what im trying to say is, we need DT and LT why take the 3rd best player of position of need when the first best player of position is still there???

Round 2 Pick 37: Dee Ford..DE we address what we have wanted for the past few years.... remember fellow Falcon Brethren we have been screaming at the tv during the past 2 years about drafting a DE only to see DE come and go the first 2 rounds.. we now Have the best to players from the senior bowl on our defense....

Round 2 pick 45 : Bradly Roby CB OSU OK OK OK i know what you guys are thinking WTF!!!!!!!! heII no!!!!! Falcons Filter!!! and we dont need a Corner!! youre right we dont but guess what.... its easier to transition from CB to Free safety then from SS to FS.. in recent year Devin McCourty and jarius Byrd both switched from CB to FS.... he tackles hs is super fast!!!!

round 3 pick 68 Travis Swanson C. Smitty said it.. we need to get bigger stronger and meaner on the line

Round 4 Pick 103 CHARLES SIMS RB i dont even need to explain perfect fit for us catches out the back field has amazing agility, durable and he was a senior MY MAN CRUSH DRAFTEE

Round 5 pick 147 Arthur Lynch TE we dont need a Jimmy Graham we need a reliable pass catcher that make big clutch catches like Tony G..

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The more I study Donald, the more I like him. Power and speed (for a DL) is impactful. He could control the line and move the pocket. I'd rather have him than Jelly in the rotation. BUT, I'd also rather package some picks to get a Tackle in the low first/early second. A disrupted pocket with Donald could make Mass and crew more productive. Find a FS and we are much improved...

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